• To provide an authentic and language-rich environment for pupils to develop their motivation, interest and confidence in learning.
  • To enhance pupils four language skills through well-planned scaffolding tasks in the English curriculum.
  • To cater for learner diversity by developing a wide range of learning tasks and activities, and employing appropriate teaching strategies.
  • To enhance teaching and learning through facilitating teachers’ continuing professional development.
  • To foster self-learning and lifelong learning ability through diversification of activities.

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Ms Gordon. I feel very blessed to be working at S.K.H. Kei Lok Primary School.

    To explain my background a little, Im a practicing Christian and  originally from South Africa, but have lived in different parts of Asia before moving to Hong Kong. I majored in English Literature and obtained my Post Graduate Certificate in Further Education at university.
    After I graduated, I lived in South Korea for two years where I taught English to young learners with a focus on phonics and reading. I have also previously lived in Shanghai where I taught oral English.
    I have lived in Hong Kong for four years now. Since starting work at S.K.H. Kei Lok Primary School, I look forward to finding new ways to help students improve and develop their English and to motivate them to develop good reading habits.

    I'm very much looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

    Ms Gordon

  • I am Martin Maggiore originally from Melbourne Australia with Italian heritage. My theatrical experience with the Teatro Club in Catania, Sicily, was profound. It was the birthplace of my grandfather, where regular productions had taken place for the past 400 years. I arrived in Hong Kong 20 years ago. I have been teaching Drama, puppetry, and English in local and international Hong Kong. 

    ​Reigning in this considerable experience I expanded the studio practice. 
    Additional art classes were organized; after-school programs were designed and delivered for juniors and secondary art students, and adult life-drawing.

    Martin Maggiore